Live Streaming

Live streaming in HD on various media platforms.

  • Preparing the filming plan in line with your event schedule and the nature of the location.
  • Choosing the optimal camera positions to film the scene from different angles.
  • Professional video stabilizers and support accessories to get a smooth and stable footage (crane, slider, dolly & steadicam).
  • Access to a range of quality lenses.
  • Providing lighting solutions.
  • Switching between multiple cameras and other devices in real time during live streaming.
  • See all your video sources on a single screen.
  • Mixing audio from different sources in real time.
  • Inserting clips, graphics, logos, titers, video effects and more.
  • Full recording in HD or 4K quality.

The event can be summarized in a short video that contains the best extracts and the participants’ reactions

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